Insurance Claims

Chilton's Antiques are happy to carry out the service of replacement valuations at NO COST. All you have to do is come into our store & give us a detailed description of what you have lost or had stolen & we can write an estimate cost for replacement to your insurance company. This is done on Chilton's letter head.

As members of the Valuers Council and the AAADA, we are often asked by insurance companies to supply quotes & estimations on jewellery & other items that have been lost or stolen. We also offer the service of supplying you with a store credit that is valid for a 12 month period, to enable you to take your time when purchasing your goods. This allows you the time to get over your loss & put considerable thought into your next purchase. Insurance companies are often keen to settle a case and pay out the claim not giving you adequate time to source what you are after. We can also try to recreate what you have lost & even try to source similar antique & vintage pieces. 

Check out our re-design & re-modelling page for some information on how we can recreate your favourite pieces. We have a very broad network of contacts world wide & we carry out regular buying trips around the world so our stock is forever changing.