Custom Jewellery
Design & Remodelling

Our designer Liz Stevens only works currently by appointment only!

To make an appointment with her please call the shop, she is available 6 days a week mornings only!

Concepts for custom jewellery design in Sydney

At Chilton's we have four very busy jewellers working for us, all with their own specialist areas. We not only design jewellery from scratch but we can remodel what you already have. We have two award winning designers who work in the store who can create your dream piece.

Chilton’s specialise in re-creating antique & Art Deco style rings

We can remodel your old jewellery or start from scratch. If we are using your jewellery we take the utmost care with your special pieces and stones. We offer a finger printing "Diamond DNA" service, where we can plot on a chart your stone’s specific characteristics as no two stones are alike. This service allows you to be assured that the stone you leave with us will be the stone that is returned to you.

We have a team of skilled designers that can work with you to create pieces that reflect your style and personality. We can also help you to individualise your look. Just because we are an antique shop, doesn’t mean we work in the past - we use current technologies ie: we use specialist jewellery design software that make your design come alive. We now can show you 3D examples of the finished product as seen below. Also, if you need an idea of what we can remodel jewellery into, take a look at our shop which includes many beautiful rose gold rings.

Chilton's Antiques beautiful diamond gold ring resizing

The time frame for making & re-modelling is approx 4 + weeks depending on the time of the year and our jewellers work load commitments. Prices start from $750+ also if you have any broken or unwanted jewellery or gold we can use this as a trade in to be credited off the cost of the making, reducing the final cost price. We use an array of metals from classic gold to the cool tones of platinum and white gold.


We take our job s seriously & we handle your items with the love & care as if they were our own.

Designing & Remaking - Terms & Conditions Agreements

1. Please visit our shop to meet us and discuss your required design with a team member. We will give you an approximate quote for what it will cost for us to undertake what you are looking at making.

If you are happy with the quote, to proceed to the next stage - “the drawing stage” of the design - we require you to pay a deposit of $220 (INC GST). This deposit is non-refundable as our drawing designs are out-sourced to a professional CAD drawer. If after this point you decide not to proceed with the process any stones/gold/settings that you have provided will be returned to you (allow 3-5days). Please be aware that all jewellery provided by you to be used in the design must be disassembled to draw the design pictures. CAD drawings are done to exact scale, so any stones which have been set need to be removed from the setting before the drawing can be done as each stone/s needs to be accurately measured. All items are returned loose.

If you can’t imagine what your design will look like, we can print the 3D CAD image in wax for you using a laser 3D printer. All of this is covered in the above costs (please note it slows process down by around 10 days).

Deposits can be done in person in the shop, by direct debit into our account using your name as the reference under or by credit card calling the shop on PH: 9524 0360.

2. If we are using your stones: All antique, estate, vintage, second hand and even newer jewellery can have small chips or scratches. This can be caused by normal wear & tear or damage could have occurred when it was originally made or set. All care is taken by us when we remove stones from their settings and we can’t be held liable for previous unnoticed damage. It is not always possible to identify any damage within the limitations of the shop equipment and time constraints over the counter, and some damage can be hidden by the settings. Should any major damage become visible when removing stones, you will be notified immediately before further work is carried out. A new estimate to repair/replace will be quoted. If any lapidary work is required to be undertaken, this will be quoted as an extra cost.                                                                                                                                                                         

3. Once the deposit has been paid, we begin the design, and a CAD drawing will be emailed to you. You are welcome to come in and discuss the design with us. There is no limit as to how many times a design can be adjusted or changed to get the look right for you. It can take 5-10 days for us to draw up the first design and we tend to average between 5-7 design changes and drawing/s per item to get the design right. The made finished product and CAD drawings can vary from photos supplied to us: for example, if you are supplying your own stones, which can be larger or smaller than the ones used in pictures you supplied us, or if we don’t know the exact size dimensions, we have to estimate what is used in the pictures. We endeavour to explain this to you throughout the process. We make sure you’re happy with a job before we commence making it. If it’s a fitted wedding band we are making, we need your engagement ring to get the fit right for approximately 10-14 days.

4. When you have approved the design, we require a 50% deposit of the total quote to proceed with the making. The cost of the CAD drawing is waved at this point, and this amount becomes a part of your deposit. If the job is cancelled after this stage ALL deposits are not refundable.                                                                                                                                                                   

Once we have started making your jewellery any changes to the design will incur extra charges. If at the end you are not happy with the finished product once it is made we will endeavour make these changes, however there will be added costs associated with this process.

5. After the design is approved and signed off by you, it will take approximately 5+ weeks to make the piece. We let you know once the item has arrived at the shop and is ready to be collected. The remaining balance is to be paid at this time unless pre-arranged as a Lay By.

There are no exchanges or refunds on jewellery designed by you.

Precious metals:

1. If the item of jewellery we are making is to match a pre-existing piece of jewellery i.e. a wedding band for an engagement ring, please let our staff know your finish preference. 

If this is a wedding band to go with an engagement ring you’re currently wearing, your engagement ring might have to be cleaned and re rhodium plated so both rings will match, and the finishes will be the same. This is approx. cost of $28-$50 INC GST.

2. All of the white gold jewellery we make will have a standard very white chromed looking Rhodium plated finish unless we are told otherwise by you. This finish, if you wish to maintain this look, will need to be re-applied every few months-years depending again on how it is worn. This is an added cost of approx. $28-$70 each time.

3. All precious metals will scratch with time regardless of their finish, metals with fancy finishes i.e. brushed finish, will wear with time. How quickly they wear depends on how you wear your jewellery and there is no guarantee as to how long these added finishes will last. See photos below for a reference.

4. Rose gold, white gold & yellow gold come in different colours and shades due to the carat of the metal and the mix of the alloys.

5. White gold has an underlying base colour of yellow and therefore the rhodium plating (which is very white) will wear off in sections exposing the base colour which is not as white. Please see chart below. Chemicals like bleach, perfume, sunblock, Napisan and chlorinated pools or spas etc. will speed up this process of colour wearing. 

The only true white metals are palladium and platinum which are more expensive metals to use. We recommend platinum if you work with heavy chemical cleaners or hand sanitising gels. If you have metal allergies, please make us aware at the start of the designing process and we can make sure the metals we use are Nickle free.

6. Caring for your jewellery is your responsibility: Every 18 months we recommend you have your jewellery checked by us or a reputable jeweller to make sure the claws and settings are safe with no loose stones. If you have an accident or a fall, or knock the item, always have it checked straight away and take it off in the meantime until it is checked. This is your responsibility to care for your jewellery. Precious metals are soft and do wear down with time. We do not recommend you wear your rings to the gym or for playing any type of sport, doing house work or gardening. If you treat your rings with care, it keeps them in the condition that they were sold to you. Metal and stones can be damaged easily by knocking them into hard surfaces. Diamonds can be cleaved (split in half) or chipped as they are strong but like all stones have natural weaknesses.

7. Chilton’s offers one free re-size for our custom-made rings (excludes any ready-to-wear rings), subject to the terms and conditions below. We must be contacted regarding the re-size within a 4-week period from the date of collection. Finger sizes can vary significantly over time and can be affected by many factors including the weather, how hydrated you are, and the consumption of any alcohol or salt. We strive to get the finger size right at the time of purchase and in the unlikely event that we don’t get it right, you can bring the ring back within a 4-week period for a free re-size. Any re-sizing required outside this time frame will incur a charge. Most re-sizes can be done within a week, however, it may take longer for complicated designs. Let us know if your re-size is particularly urgent and we will try to accommodate your deadline.

The following rings are not covered by our free re-sizing policy and will incur a charge if re-sized:

*Rings ordered over the phone or by email, where the customer has not had their finger size measured in person by one of our staff.

*Eternity rings with gemstones set the whole way around the ring.

*Rings set with stones on the inside of the ring.

*Symmetrical rings, e.g. TV shaped rings and rings with diamonds spaced evenly around the ring.

*Rings with laser or hand engraving which may need to be redone (unless there is a blank section specifically for re-sizing).

*Rings with patterns or other design aspects that may need to be redone after a re-size all at extra cost.

*Rings made of stainless steel, titanium, tungsten steel and similar metals cannot be re sized at all.

8. Please take a photo of these Terms & Conditions to keep as your own personal copy. We take our work very seriously and we go that extra mile to make sure we get this right for our customers, we love what we do. We look after your items like they were our own and we really look forward to working with you though this process.   

9. Please sign a copy of our Terms & Conditions to confirm you have read, understood and agreed to them.


This is the same ring but with different finishes – this shows how it wears with time



White metals chart see below:

  1. .925 is sterling silver- very white

  2. 14ct white gold- yellow base mixed with white metals

  3. PT.950 platinum- pure

  4. Palladium which is dark grey colour

The picture below is the same ring- first is worn with normal wear & tear duller metal colour with mild scratching on the metal, then after it’s polished & then rhodium plated. Three different shades of white.